On Tuesday, no red carpet looked better than the one at Glamour UK's Women of the Year Awards, with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Rita Ora, Rebel Wilson, Kylie Minogue, Jessie J, Daniel Radcliffe and Hayden Panettiere.

Stars strutted, laughed and talked about girl crushes at the Berkeley Square Gardens in London before the night's winners were crowned, according to Glamour UK.

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They gave a lot of juicy scoops: the Film Actress winner, Wilson revealed that Joan Collins once mistook her for a caterer on a TV set while "Man of the Year" winner, Radcliffe admitted to having a hard time in thinking he was glamourous.

"I know the real me, the one that's going to go home now, so it's very strange," the "Harry Potter" star said. "But it's lovely, and GLAMOUR has always been very supportive of me." 

The Saturdays, the girl band stars of one of E! reality TV shows, were missing one member, Rochelle, who is a new mom. The girls chatted about how the new addition is so adorable. They won the Band prize. 

Ora, who won Solo Artist, spilled the beans on her second album. "The new album is definately pop, I love my pop music," said the singer, who was back to her signature blonde hair color. "But it's kind of got that soul that I loved growing up, so you're going to hear a lot more soul in there." 

And Woman of the Decade winner, Beckham said she is looking to spending more time with husband, David since he is now retired from sports. "We've spent a lot of time apart, because he's been working and I've been working, but the future's is very exciting," she said. "He's got lots of great things up his sleeves, so we're looking to the future for sure." 

Check out Beckham, Wilson and Ora talking lady crushes below!