Matthew McConaughey works magic on screen, and hopes to do some in stores with the launch of his JKL clothing line this Fall.  

Sears Canada announced their agreement with Grand National Apparel to exclusively release the "Magic Mike" actor's "Just Keep Livin" line in their stores and website in just a few short months, according to a press release. The collection finds its muse in the actor's signature "laid-back" style.

McConaughey, who recently dropped some major weight, divulged some of his personal reasons for taking a stab at fashion. "In 1992, my father moved on, and just keep livin came to be," he said. "It was about keeping his spirit alive and continuing to get incentive from the things he taught me." 

The tag line, he added, is a "compass for him and serves as an approach to life." It simply means to keep on living through life's rocky points, highs and lows, and uncertain journeys.

The handsome movie screen veteran, who has a foundation of the same name and philosophy, believes in the brand's potential and its relatable guideline. The clothing assemblage features "technically-advanced fabrics, performance details and a relaxed, casual aesthetic." 

It is really active wear that is so versatile and good-looking that it appeals to many tastes, but so functional that is will endure through's all of life's roller coasters. And did we mention buying the clothing is a charitable act?

Fashion buffs should know that a portion of every sale goes to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Check out McConaughey explaining how the mantra inspired him and his clothing line below!