Megan Hilty Twitter: Partners With John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Care, Kicks Off Blonde Appreciation Month [VIDEO]

Megan Hilty is celebrating her blonde power, partnering with John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Care in promoting June as Blonde Appreciation Month.

The "Smash" actress believes in the wildly-popular brand's mission to make June all about sun-colored hair, highlighting women who pop culture has taught us have more fun than brunettes, according to a press release.  

"Being a blonde is a big part of who I am," the singing TV star said. "I feel my best when my blonde is at its brightest. As blondes, we'll do whatever it takes to preserve our color."

She partnered with John Frieda to make sure that "all other blondes out there have the care they need to preserve their shade" during this month and beyond. No matter whether your hair is "perfect beach sunrise" or "buttery yellow daffodil," she and the brand encourage blondes everywhere to share their one-of-a-kind vision of what being blonde means to them.

Women can upload photos to Blondemonth to become part of a permanent artwork installation, which is a testament to blondes that will blaze on way after the month ends. It celebrates a collective vision of women with that famous color all over the world. 

Uploading photos can land you some exciting prizes, as the brand celebrates and promotes their Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.

Hilty will debut the monument installation at TK Gallery in New York City on June 27.

To check out the video clip of Hilty showing off her sunny locks, look below!


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