In the wake of her highly-publicized breakup with "Vampire Diaries" co-star, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev took questions from her Twitter followers on Thursday.

The actress did a "Twitterview" with Vanity Fair's west coast editor, Krista Smith, asking fans to send her questions, which were juicy and fascinating, to say the least.

One die-hard fan, Dobrevly, tweeted a funny, yet interesting question to the famously brunette actress, who is currently filming the comedy, "Let's Be Cops." 

She backed up the question with a photo of Dobrev with sun-colored hair, which leads one to speculate whether the actress would consider dying her thick, gorgeous locks to become a bleach blonde.

Well, VD fans had posed and thought about this question before. In 2010, some fans criticized her for not embracing a blonde color, for the Elena character has light-colored hair in the L.J. novels, which the show is based, according to ACESHOWBIZ

"I couldn't go online because everyone was like, 'She's not a blonde, Elena's a blonde,'" she said in 2010.

But the show's producers wanted Dobrev keep her dark-colored hair so that the character would be more relatable as a girl-next-door type. 

Tell us what you think: Dobrev as a natural brunette or revamped blonde?