Stripping down whether it is in the bedroom or at the beach can be a very frightening thing for some women. However we found a few helpful tips that can make you feel more confident when it is time for you to bare some skin.

No one woman wants to have stretch marks but unfortunately Allure Magazine reported that 90 percent of woman get stretch marks. This can be the result of rapid weight loss or gain, or pregnancy.

However there are methods to treat them, but they can be pricey. Allure reports that when it comes to stretch marks "they're much easier to treat when they're new.

"They start out pink or red, and that's when they're most receptive to Vbeam (at $400 to $800 per session) or, once they turn white, Fraxel laser treatments ($500 to $1,000 per session, depending on the area treated)."

The next skin problem we will address that makes up hesitant to bare it all is cellulite. Unfortunately there is no cure for those dimples that plague us, however Allure reports that there is a treatment that is available.

"A treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten tissue for up to two years." However the treatment is $4,000 and takes about six months to see results.

But if you are looking for a quick and temporary approach try out Clarins High Definition Body Lift. The product does a trick in which it dehydrates your fat cells for a couple of hours making your skin appear tighter.

Another big issue that many women suffer from is the appearance of spider veins. Of course Allure  has found a way to help us beat the problem.

The standard way to zap veins is sclerotherapy, which is an injection that irritates the vein, causing it to shut down and get absorbed back into the body. This procedure will typically run $450 per treatment and usually you only need two.

However the FDA just approved Asclera last year which is another injectable that costs $500 per treatment and works as well as traditional saline, without the burning sensation.

However you have to make sure to start your injections long before you need to see results because the side effect of Sclerotherapy is that it causes bruises for about two weeks. Also the veins won't disappear completely until your treatment is completed.

These are just a few problems that plague woman from looking better naked, for a full slide show visit