In case you have been living under a rock Selena Gomez released the video to her new single "Come & Get It" earlier this month. The video showcased the sultry side of the singer as she wore glamorous makeup that gave her girl-next-door look an edge.

We took the liberty of tracking down a quality makeup tutorial of the look Selena rocked in the video and found satisfaction in the tutorial by British makeup artist Tanya Burr.

Tanya takes us step by step on how to perfect Selena's daring look and uses moderately priced makeup that you can pick up from your local drug store.

However there are certain techniques you have to pay close attention to when you are trying to achieve Selena's "Come and Get It" look.

For example, if your eyebrows are not as full as the singer you can use one of your make up brushes to fill it in. But Tanya suggests that starting with a lighter color and later on working in a dark color by flicking the brush upwards from the bottom will make your eyebrows appear more natural rather than drawn on.

Selena wore gold eye shadow that faded into a dark smoky, winged eye look. Tanya suggested that to get a perfect winged eye look you should align your makeup brush from your nose to your eye and then trace along that line to get a winged eye.

Check out the tutorial below and let us know if your tried it out. Leave us a comment below.