Kim Kardashian and her baby bump were spotted out on Sunday rocking a look most fans are not used to seeing her in, casual. The very pregnant reality star was photographed out while she met up with some friends to enjoy a quiet dinner.

Kim dined at the exclusive West Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana appearing to look as if she has finally accepted that her state of pregnancy calls for a comfortable look rather than glamorous.

Kanye West's girlfriend has been known throughout her pregnancy to do her best to remain chic by wearing fashionable attire along with high heels, an accessory she refused to give up.

But on Sunday night Kardashian was singing a different tune when she wore a simple black dress. Kim's dress was not skin tight like we are used to seeing from the star.

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The dress was slightly loose and did not cling to her body. It was partially sheer so Kardashian threw a solid black undergarment beneath the dress so she did not reveal her body to the bright flashes of the paparazzi's cameras.

Over her dress the reality star wore a blue denim jacket in which she rolled the sleeves up to her forearm. The actress paired her outfit with simple black flip flops and a large black bag.

Kardashian gathered her dark long hair into a messy topknot updo, which put her bare face on display for all to see.

The star wore no makeup and the cameras got a close up shot of the "pregnancy lips" that she has complained have grown even more bloated as the months have gone on, according to the Daily Mail.

When she left the restaurant the reality star was less than happy to see the paparazzi snapping pictures of her and did her best to hide her face behind her leather bag.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's decision to finally go for a casual, comfortable look in the final stages of her pregnancy? Let us know what you think.

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