Every Monday self-proclaimed flower child Vanessa Hudgens deems it "Mani Mondays" on her Tumblr account. This Monday was no different with the exception of the actress choosing to rock her natural nails this time around.

The "Spring Breakers" star did her sticker manicure sporting a black and gold design. Vanessa's manicure was not perfect be she is in the process of trying sticker nails out and we wanted to give it a go too.

So we searched the internet and came across the Youtube channel Look Under Here. There we found fashion student Letitia giving an easy sticker nail tutorial. Shall we begin?

When you are putting on sticker nails you should prepare for it as you would when you regularly paint your nails. You should start out by completely cleaning your nail beds with alcohol or nail polish remover. You should then follow up by applying a base coat to your nails and let them dry.

Next, you need to choose the correct size nail sticker strip for each nail, and make sure you take note of the cuticle shape along with the width of the nail.

Once that is all sorted out you can begin to peel away the nail strip from the protective film fitted for the nail you are beginning with. Once aligned with your nail press firmly on to the sticker to make sure it sticks to your nail.

When filing the nail Letitia suggests that we that we file the nail downwards and the sticker will eventually pop off.

Once the unwanted end of the sticker pops off you will notice that the edges are still a little rough, gently file around the tip of the nail in order to make the nail smooth.

When you have done this for all your nails you should then apply a quick-drying top to increase the shine.

Are you going to try your hand at nail stickers? Check out the tutorial below and let us know how your nails turns out.

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