Men are evening up the playing field when it comes to grooming, having spent billions on skincare and cosmetics last year, according to the Daily Beast. 

Androgyny is a hot trend, with guys spending less time in the boardroom and more in the bathroom and the mirror. In fact, they are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on styling products or "stealth" makeup, having pushed men's cosmetic sales through the roof!

Yet, this roof cannot cover the more than $5 billion made in sales, revealed by market data firm, Euromonitor International.

This is more than double the $2.4 billion that men gave in 1997, according to MSN

Society is changing, and with it, men are, too. "The world has come to a different place now when it comes to men taking care of themselves, I think men spend more time looking in the mirror than women do," said MAC Makeup artist John S. in a recent men's cosmetics instructional video on MAC's website.

To see the video, click HERE.  

The numbers reveal that style matters whether you have an X or Y chromosome, nowadays. It is easy to find tons of men's grooming blogs like Manface and product lines like Clinique that show guys everything from how to pamper their playboy looks to master the ultimate manicure to taking care of a 5 o'clock shadow. With men spending more time making themselves up, one might wonder if that is a chess move in trying to win today's mating game. 

But what exactly are men putting on their faces?

"Groomer to the stars" Natalia Bruschi, who works with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck, told the Daily Beast that men only need a few facial mainstays. "Men don't really need foundation," she explained, "they just need a bit of color if they're pale, a little blonzer for a healthy glow." 

Bruschi suggested a tinted moisturizer by La Mer or Laura Mercier, concealor by Cle de Peau or MAC, matiffying powders, blotting film and an occassional swath of matte bronzer by brands like Chanel

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