Lisa Wu, former Bravo "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality TV star and actress, releases a new lipstick line today.

The lip gloss product line, Lip Addyct distributes their first-ever lipstick, Chameleon by Lisa Wu, created by the now-actress who will appear in the upcoming Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn buddy comedy, "The Internship," according to a press release. Wu was extremely flattered that the company chose her as their partner.

"I'm honored and humbled to have the opportunity to have my very own signature lipstick line with Lip Addyct," Wu said. "'Chameleon by Lisa Wu' represents every woman and the various roles which so many women effortlessly transition to and from on a daily basis in their lives as mothers, significant others, career women, BFF's to their girlfriends, which is exactly what a charmeleon does as it changes its color to adapt to the environments it enters."

The "lightweight, paraben-free, smooth and creamy" lipsticks come in four hues: Confident, Matriarch, Queen and Empress for $17.99 each or a total of $60. Lip Addyct formulated the lipsticks to care for your lips using moisturizing ingredients while giving a rich and long-lasting color. 

The company believes that Wu will take the upmost care in being a great business partner.

"When making the decision to enter the lipstick market, we decided to partner with an entreprenuer we admire and Lisa Wu fits the bill," said Addyct owner, Adrienne Owens. "She's fearless and works hard to push our brands."

To kick up the look to amazing, add the company's best seller, Super Gloss to the top to achieve a "wet look" shine, they added. 

To check out or buy the lipsticks, click HERE.    

And check out "The Internship" trailer below!