Miranda Kerr Instagram And Double Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction [PHOTOS]


Former Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr was oblivious during the first few moments in which she had a double nip slip wardrobe malfunction. The 30-year old model was shooting an advertisement for her organic skin care line, Kora Organics, when she mistakenly bared her top half.

The model was oblivious to the matter until an assistant ran over to cover the beauty's bare breast, according to The Sun. Kerr was wearing a black sweater which it seemed like she was using to cover her rear end.

[To see photos of the model's double nip slip wardrobe malfunction click HERE]

In the process of yanking the shirt down to cover her behind she pulled it too far. When the actress became aware of the double nip slip she used her right arm and hand to cover her bare breast.

Miranda Kerr has recently been in the media as rumors have been circulating that her marriage to actor Orlando Bloom is crumbling. Kerr and the actor are parents to 2-year old Flynn.

Recently the model recently came under fire by fans of both her and her husband's, when she posted a picture on her Instagram account of herself with photographer Mariano Vivanco.

In the photograph Kerr smiled as Vivanco wrapped his arms around her cleavage area and she held on to his arms. Fans were angered about the post, according to Fox News one fan posted, "I don't think she respects her husband at all," commented one, as another questioned: "You're husband [wasn't] jealous when he saw this pic?"

Glenn Selig of Selig Multimedia told FOX411's Pop Tarts column that, "Celebrities sometimes forget that a posting on Instagram is no different than making a comment to a camera. Though celebrities often think twice before running their mouths, they don't take a second to think before posting [online]. There's no filter. And that could be a problem for many of them."

"It used to be publicists could control the message and their clients, but these social media sites make it possible for celebrities to have direct contact with the public and they get themselves into trouble."

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