Makeup Tips: Banish Puffy Eyes For Good

Having trouble saying goodbye to puffy eyes every morning?

With allergy season in full swing and longer daylight hours resulting in more outside play and less sleep, a lot of us are turning to shades to cover up those hard-to-shut eyes. But why hide it when you can easily treat it or make your eyes look better?

According to Redbook Magazine, the skincare professionals in our daily lives have expert treatments to offers us. Take the facialist's advice as an example: treatments with chamomile or marigold tea have great anti-inflammatory properties. Placing tea bags over your eyes for 10 minutes after steeping and letting them cool to room temperature helps bring those puffy suckers back to regular size. Make sure to couple that with a cool water facial rinse and five-second eye massage so you are good as gold.

The dermatologist-recommended solution? Sleep with pillows under your head so any amassed fluid around your eyes can drain, and use caffeine-containing eyes gel or cream in the morning if puffiness is still an issue. Oh, and avoid wine, which is loaded with skin-bloating sulfates.

But there's more advice because makeup artists have something to say, too. They advise you to avoid concealor, nude and brown makeup shades. Instead, opt for gray or navy eyeshadows or liners like Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil in Sapphire Strength or Made of Steel.

Then, "curl your lashes and put on mascara to help hide swollen top lids" before dabbling a liquid highlighter such as Lancome Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen where the puffiness meets your cheek's top. 

With the professionals sharing their expert two cents on busting the puffy drama surrounding eyes, its all gravy.   

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