Lana Del Rey Classic Makeup Winged Eye Look Tutorial [VIDEO]

Whether you love to rock the winged eye look all the time or out just want the look for a night out on the town, the celebrity who masters the look is no other than singer Lana Del Rey.

Everyone has become enamored with the timeless beauty that is Lana Del Rey, with her soft, sultry voice and flawless look we can't help but swoon whenever we see her in a video or magazine.

The winged eye look is no easy task to master and perfecting Lana's look takes some creativity seeing as it has a touch of mod and Indie chic in there. Luckily, Nic from Pixiwoo recreated Lana signature winged look and helped us perfect that same smoldering look that has become the singer's signature look.

In her overall unique look the beauty channels a bohemian chic, retro look. Underneath her whimsical flower crown and soothing love songs Lana Del Rey is a true style icon. Everything about Lana Del Rey's makeup look exudes luxury and class.

It is important that when you attempt this Lana Del Rey makeup tutorial, you use your eyeliner brush to create a thick line along the lid and a thin flick at the ends. Make sure that you keep building with your eyeliner brush until you get the line just right.

When it comes to makeup Lana is all about making a big, bold, sensual statement. Her lips are always clad in a gorgeous color ranging from pearly pink to various reds, however in the tutorial below Nic opted to go with nude lips. But you should feel free to use your favorite shade.

Lana's makeup is always glamorous, she is a phenomenal artist with equally phenomenal taste in both fashion and beauty.

Will you be recreating Lana Del Rey's signature look? Leave us a comment

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