Today we wanted to make a special make up tribute to the gorgeous Angelina Jolie. The actress recently came forward and spoke about her double mastectomy, which was a brave thing to do.

We are so enamored with Angelina Jolie and her selflessness so why wouldn't want to look like her. We came across a video of Sam from Pixiwoo who did and ode to Angelina Jolie's fierce eyes in a make up tutorial

Although the actress usually does not go heavy with her make up, she always has a natural glow and we can't help but notice her cat eyes. In this video Sam goes step by step and helps us achieve the fierce look of the glamorous Angelina Jolie.

Angelina has round eyes and the way that she does her make up looks very feline and cat shaped. This is a good look for people who have round eyes but for those of you who do not it is still a really gorgeous and simple look.

She keeps her eye shadow very simple but she is very cleaver as she uses her liner to elongate the eye and make it feline. It is important to take your liner very thinly across your eyes because a thick line will make them appear even more round.

Sam notes that the actress doesn't add any width to the top of the eye or the bottom of the eye.

Again this is a great look for anyone looking to achieve the cat eye look but for those with particularly round eyes this is a great way to make your eyes narrow.