Since having called it quits recently, one would think the similarities between Rihanna and Chris Brown would disappear.

But, crazy enough, they are still drawing comparisons after their breakup. For one, both are now blonde. Shutterbugs caught Rihanna in New York City this week with the lighter color, snapped in photos on Tumblr.

Of course, Breezy has had the sunny hair for a long minute now, showing it off some more at a press conference for the 2013 BET Awards earlier this week.

In a battle of the blondes, we are not sure who reigns supreme. But, we do know this is far from the first thing that the both singers' styles have resembled each other. They are both notorious for rocking the fashion boat, down to their accessories picks. Both love to wear Jordan sneakers, and they even rocked the same long gold Chanel chain just a few months ago.

And that overalls look that Brown donned for Brandy's "Put It Down" video, with the backards cap and one fasten strap, was equally street-savvy on Rihanna. But we know in this case that just because two people dress together does not meant they stay together. 

For more visual proof of their twin power, click HERE.