In a world where actresses have to always be camera ready, Halle Berry seems as if she can do no wrong.

Even while rocking another baby bump, The Catwoman star gets second looks. On Thursday, shutterbugs snapped the 46-year-old exiting the fancy West Hollywood restaurant, Rivabella in a charcoal shirt paired with a patterned jacket, according to the Daily Mail.  

It was the kind of look that proves style is still achievable while pregnant. She draped a whitewashed jacket over her loose-fitting stretch top in a casual evening ensemble.

Upping the dark factor, she donned a charcoal bottom that looks like a pant-and-skirt combo. The beauty, who referred to her pregnancy as a miracle, finished the look with black suede boots. 

Aside from the baby bump-appropriate look, her skin glowed in a pregnacy-agrees-with-me way. 

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