Sometimes, pretty women pouting is a sight to see.

In the case of Gwyneth Paltrow's recent drunken commentary that she is "over and done" with the swanky MET Gala, it got quite the reaction. So much so that Chloe Sevigny had some helpful words for her, according to New York Magazine.  

"Maybe her sleeves were too tight," Sevigny said about Paltrow's choice words at an Absolute Elyx Vodka event earlier this week. "If you're in a dress when you can't breathe, then you're not comfortable...It's more important to be really comfortable in your dress."

The model-turned-actress should know about being uncomfortable, having donned really tight, body-hugging dresses with no breathing room. But she overcame the problem this year in a unrestricting Proenza Schouler number that allowed her to move her arms.

E! Online reports that she gave some pointers to Paltrow, and other starlets navigating the world of form-fitting dressing for the red carpet. "I think it depends on what table you're at, and who you're with, and obviously your attitude," she added. "But it's a lot of hoopla over not alot." Apparently, the flashy, wildly popular fundraiser is not high on Sevigny's list of ways to past the time either.

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