At their Saturday PacSun appearance, the Kardashian clan's youngest fashionistas and sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner got an unexpected visit from another style charmeleon that they never saw coming.

None other than the headturning, flamboyant Dennis Rodman surprised 17-year-old Kendall and 15-year-old Kylie at the event at the Brea Mall in Orange County, Calif., according to E! Online. The former NBA heavyweight, who has been making recent news lately for his North Korean encounters and reported trip back there on Aug. 1, looked unkempt with his sunglasses, cap, scarf, another pair of sunglasses hooked onto his shirt and what appears to be pajama pants. 

Nonetheless, the brunette and leggy sisters smiled and shook his hand while debuting their new PacSun summer clothing collection, which is available in stores nationwide. The busy young ladies are everywhere lately, and their pregnant big sister, Kim Kardashian is so proud.

"My little sisters have grown up so amazingly, with really good heads on their shoulders," she recently said to Fabulous Magazine. 

They met fans and signed autographs, but were especially excited about the Rodman sighting. "Lol surprise!" wrote Kendall on Instagram as a caption to a picture of Kylie shaking Rodman's hand, according to the Huffington Post. "Dennis Rodman everybody." 

Do you think that Rodman hangs out at the mall or keeps up with the Kardashians? Let us know below!