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Carey Mulligan 'Great Gatsby' Makeup How To: She Achieved and You Can Get the 1920's Flapper Look

ByClarissa Hamlin
May 13, 2013 04:13 PM EDT

Much of the attention surrounding the film adaptation of the epic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, "The Great Gatsby" focuses on what several critics wrote off as Director Buz Luhrmann's "over-the-top imagery and grandioso effects"  but it is also hard to ignore the film stars' alluring 1920's looks.  

Carey Mulligan plays leading lady Daisy Buchanan as an ash blonde, with enough flash and flirt to incite the Leonardo DiCaprio-played Jay Gatsby's infaturations. According to Allure Magazine, Mulligan cut and shaped her locks into a "modern version" of  the decade's flapper style hair.

"It's based on a semi-shingle, a layered bob with a masculine shape in the back," said the film's hairstylist Kerry Warn. To slick down and control Carey's short hair, Warn used John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum, wax and hair spray for a layered effect.

Fernando Salas, celebrity stylist and creator of White Sands Hair Care, told SheKnows that to achieve the look in the salon takes first cutting the "lower nape area with graduation with sides cut with zero graduation." He also said a "side fringe creates the silhouette and frames the face." For more advice, click HERE

As far as the makeup, it was light yet striking. Makeup artist Maurizio Silvi used a charcoal, brown and gray shadows combination succeeded by false eyelashes. Then, Silvi took a light petal pink-and-nude Chanel lipstick to Carey's lips, and plucked her eyebrows to mirror a 20's-era socialite. 

The beauty's skin was an issue of concern, for Silvi forebade her from staying in the sun and smoothed a pink-based Clinique foundation on her face and neck.

According to the Huffington Post, achieving the look takes starting with a foundation that matches your skin, and set with a transcudent powder for a matte look. Use a medium-to-dark eye shadow to cover your lids, and "blend out with the hardest part of the shadow being in the lid."

Curling your lashes, applying mascara and more tips HERE will help you shine like Carey in her Gatsby glory.    

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