For a long time reality star Kim Kardashian has made her trademark her long, luscious, bouncy curls. However as of lately the soon to be mom has been experimenting with different looks.

We here at Beauty World News love Kim's long curly locks and wanted to find a way to perfect them. To get hair like the Armenian beauty there are certain steps you have to take.

For starters do not wash your hair everyday, Kim washes her hair every two days. According to Allure, hairstylist Chris McMillian said "Don't wash your hair every day, because that can dry it out."

The stylist recommended using a gentle shampoo and conditioner a few days a week and a deep conditioning mask once a week

Kim's curls are glamorous, flattering, and makes long hair look playful while adding femininity to the look. However it is important to use heat protectant products when first embarking on this journey of curls.

First timers your curls may not come out ideally so you will want to try again until you perfect the look. This is fine as long as you protect your hair with a product. Frying your ends is the last think you want to do.

Check out the Kim Kardashian inspired hair tutorial and see if you can nail the perfect Kim curls on your first try. Let us know how you did by leaving a comment below.