Nothing says spring cleaning like recycling the items closet. "Spring Breakers" star Vanessa Hudgens is cleaning out her closet for the season however the beauty plans on making good use of her clothing.

Rather than throwing out her out of season clothes, the fashionista took to her Tumblr to tell her fans about her plans of giving back.

"So I recently did some Spring cleaning and decided to get rid of some of my clothes. I discovered this app called Poshmark. Pretty much you can sell your own clothes and create your own personal vintage store and buy from the closets of women across the country. Loveeee!"

"So I've uploaded a few items to my Poshmark closet and all the proceeds from your purchase will go to Make-A-Wish®. Download the app on your iPhone or iPad, or shop my closet via the web on Poshmark. Find me at my Poshmark username: @vanessahudgens!"

"Here's a sneak peek at the items I'll be listing for sale on Poshmark over the next few days! Make sure to download the app now to watch for my items to go on sale starting TOMORROW! "

Since the auction has begun Hudgens already sold her Jimena Mujica Feathered Clutch for 200 dollars and now has a pair of Oxblood Patent Christian Louboutin Wedges up for bidding. The current bid price is 425 dollars however prices most likely will increase for the famously worn shoes.

As the auction continues the actress will add more items to be bid on. Vanessa is known for her fashionable bohemian chic look, will you be buying an item from her closet? Let us know what you are bidding for, comment below.