On Tuesday Demi Lovato debuted her new blonde hair color while being honored for her work with children's mental health at the National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Event according to Huffington Post.

This is not the first time the "Heart Attack" singer has changed her hair, she sported the same color last year except for with longer locks and different shades of tips.

She has went from pink tips, to blue tips, to bangs, and from there dyed her whole head brown. Following her major haircut the singer has now switched her hair to completely blonde.

At the event the "X-Factor" judge opted to wear a poufy-skirted cream dress with a matching blazer, paired with nude pumps.

According to upi.com, singer recently tweeted about her hair color change, "Almost didn't make it through airport security!! I look SO different from my driver's license!! Hahaha #blondehairdon'tcare."

She also tweeted, a picture of her new hair while on the set for her upcoming single  "Made in the U.S.A."

Lovato accepted her award a spoke about her past struggles, "Every young person faces challenges as they work toward becoming an independent adult, and for those with mental health challenges, it can be even more of a struggle,"

"I want those young adults to know that your life has meaning and you can reach out to someone you trust for support and overcome any challenges in your life."

"I'm a survivor of mental health and substance abuse issues, and I'm not ashamed. "