There are many steps that go into finding the perfect skin-care product for yourself. Shopping for skin products can be puzzling and can prove difficult especially if you are looking for a product dealing with a specific skin problem.

However there is nothing to fear because we are here to guide you through your foreign journey and teach you to shop for skin products like a pro.

First things first, timing is everything. Being a beginner looking for the perfect skin product it would be ideal if you went searching for your product when the stores are less crowded. Picking out a product takes concentration so you want to do it when the stores are somewhat peacefully.

According to Allure going to find your product in the early morning and mid afternoon will allow you a quieter, less stressful shopping trip.

However for those of us who work during that time, hitting the stores in the evening may be worthy as well as long as you do it in the beginning of the week like on Monday or Tuesday.

When it gets closer to the weekend the stores tend to get more chaotic. With the topic of chaos on the bored that brings us to our next tip, ask questions.

You will be spending your hard earned money on this product, do not be afraid to ask questions in a crowd. Salespersons usually have great insight on skin products, however be wary of those who stretch the truth for a sale.

This is why you should try before you buy. Sure the salesperson may say the product is great and is the miracle you have been looking for, but that will mean nothing if, one it does not help you or two, makes you break.

If you are in a specialty cosmetics store, ask to take a sample home so you can try it out before you make the investment.

When it comes to buying a new product, if you have no clue where to start go with what you know. Sticking to mainstream products may prove successful for skin results since big mainstream companies put a lot of research into a product before they release it on the shelf.

When you finally do decide to make your purchase, learn about the store's return polices. According to Allure you should always inquire about returns before buying.

Following the purchase of your new skin care product it is important that you be patient with your new product. Allure Magazine said you need to use most products consistently, for at least eight weeks, to see any results. 

However, acne spot treatments work faster in clearing minor blemishes in as little as a day or two but do not get your hopes up, apparently some women have to wait even longer.

Audrey Kunin, a clinical instructor of dermatology at the University of Kansas School of Medicine told Allure that "how your skin responds to a product depends on your physiology, metabolism, and underlying issues."

However if you have done your homework and chosen a smart product, just give it some time.

Kunin said, "Beautiful skin is a lifelong process...but you'll get there."       

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