Actress Mila Kunis most recently topped the 2013 list for FHM's "Sexiest Woman in the World." Although there are different reasons for Mila being named number one, we would like to think it is because of her eyes.

Kunis has a condition called hetrochromia iridum in which the irises are different colors. One eye is brown and the other one is green. However not many people know this about the actress' who signature trademark is her smoky eyes.

Sultry dark eyeshadow and full eyebrows are the key to perfecting this look. The shadow makes her eyes more defined and illuminates the two unique colors hiding in her irises. We can't help but swoon when Kunis strikes a poses and stares deep into the camera lense.

We found a perfect video on the Youtube channel Daily Mix in which makeup artist Tanya Burr takes you step by step on how to achieve a flawless complexion and perfect Mila's smoky eye.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.