'Glee' Season 4 Episode 22 Spoilers: Watch Sneak Peek of Finale, Celine Dion, Song List, Ryder's Catfish Revealed-- Video


The season 4 finale of "Glee" will be here in just 3 days but until then we have some spoilers to hold you over until episode 22 "All or Nothing" premieres.

In the season finale we see the New Directions go to Regionals but we will not see them graduate. For that we must hold on until the fall, which means the future of seniors Blaine, Artie, Tina and Brittany are still undecided according to

However word is a series regular will be leaving the show so we will see the fate of one cast member sealed come Thursday night. Most people believe that the departed with be Brittany since Heather Morris is rumored to be pregnant. It made be hard for Ryan Murphy to write a baby bump into a semester a MIT.

Kurt and Blanie: In the season finale we see Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter play a lesbian couple who take Kurt and Blaine out to dinner at Breadstix and serve as mentors for their relationship. Chord Overstreet confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that "there's a cliffhanger with Blaine which is pretty interesting."

Blaine asks Sam to be his best man but like Kurt's father did in the previous episode Sam told him it was a bad idea and brings up Finn and Rachel's engagement disaster and how stupid it was. Sam also reminds him that it is still unclear the extent of Kurt and Adam's relationship.

Regionals: The New Directions take on Regionals and face off against the Nun-Touchables, Frida Romero (played by "American Idol" alumni Jessica Sanchez) who is part of The Hoosierdaddies. Frida will sing "Clarity" and "Wings" while the New Directions will perform "I Love It," "Hall of Fame," and a Marley original called "All or Nothing."

In the "Glee" finale, New Direction member Ryder will find out the true identity of his mystery woman Katie. Ryder reaches a point in which he can longer take the secret , e wants answers and someone is going to fess up.

Vanessa Lengies recently tweeted, "sheeeeee's baaaaaaack..." confirming that her character Sugar Motta is back after being MIA for most of the episodes following winter break.

Rachel and Santana: We will see Rachel take on her "Funny Girl" call back and belt out Celine Dion's "To Love You More." Lea Michele took to Twitter to express her excitement about covering the talented Celine Dion.

"About to record one of my all time favorite songs that @MrRPMurphy put in this episode for me:) I'm so excited!"

As for Santana, she will be heading back to Lima to help out ex-girlfriend Brittany following all the MIT chaos.

Check out the songs that your favorite cast members will sing in the finale HERE.

Watch asneek peek of the episode and hear from the cast members in the video below.

Make sure you catch the season 4 finale of "Glee" episode 22, "All or Nothing" Thursday night on FOX

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