How to Choose the Perfect Perfume --VIDEO

One thing most people like to do is smell good. However sometimes this proves difficult when we cannot find the right fragrance that suits.

However we have found the solution to the problem that plagues us. In the video below Michelle Phan gives us a step by step plan as to how to go about smelling good and picking the perfect fragrance for yourself.

In the video we are told that when shopping for perfume it is best that you do not smell all the fragrances at once because you will overwhelm your nose with the various scents. Many stores offer coffee beans for you to smell between each perfume which allows you to clear your scent palette.

When trying on a new fragrance it is best to let it sit on your skin for about an hour or so in order to let the scent develop. Michelle suggests shopping around or even just window shopping can help past the time.

There are different levels to fragrances, perfume is the most concentrated, followed by eau de parfum which is lighter and cologne is the lightest. If you are not the perfume type of person you can also try essential oils which are natural.

All fragrances consist of top notes which are the lightest, followed by middle notes, and then base notes which are the heaviest ones. The various notes is the reason why fragrances change throughout the day.

Following the purchase of your fragrance keep it away from heat and direct sunlight because it can cause damage to your fragrance. A good tip given by Michelle is to apply the fragrance to your pulse points, behind the ears, the side of the throat, the wrists, and behind your knees.

Check out the video below for more details on how to perfect your smell.

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