To achieve the gorgeous voluminous waves that celebrities effortlessly perfect on the red carpet there are certain steps you must follow. In the beginning of her career Taylor Swift rocked extravagant lush curls.

Although the country star has now opted to sport straight hair we cannot help but envy how fabulous her curls always looked.

In order to get a look similar to Taylor's curls you must first off divide your hair in sections. Divide hair into four sections so that when hair is loosed it will fall naturally.

Hair should be divided into four equal sections. Two sections in the front and two in the back.

Clip the sections that are not being used so that the hair is out of your way. Began by curling your hair downwards in the back and make sure you are starting with the side you are least comfortable with.

Hair should be curled about a half inch to an inch away from the root. When curling your hair with the curling iron, hair should remain on the styling tool no longer than five minutes.

Following the release of your hair from the curling iron you must resist running your fingers through your hair or you will ruin your curls.

Once you get comfortable curling your hair you can be done with your curls in as little as fifteen minutes.

When curling hair near the face make sure to alternate the way you wrap your hair around the curling iron.

To get luxurious waves flip your hair over and add hair spray to it while scrunching your hair. To add volume, massage the roots and use fingers to rough up the curls.

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