In honor of Mani Monday, former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens took to her Tumblr account to show her fans how to perfect her favorite manicure at home. The look was she decided to help recreate came from her time in Las Vegas boyfriend Austin Butler. 

The multi-talented star first instructed her fans to pick up some nail jewels at their local craft store. She advises them that some stores have jewels with adhesives made specifically for nails however any small rhinestones will do.  

Once done picking up nail supplies Hudgens' next step is to apply your favorite base color. 

The next step is to wait until the nail polish is close to dry and then apply the jewels by dipping a wooden manicure stick into some clear polish. According to Hudgens, the polish will act like a glue to help the stone stick.

When placing the rhinestones you can keep it simple and place one on each nail, or go crazy and do a fun design, the actress notes that she is a fan of both styles. 

Finally she tells fans to finish with a top coat. The "Spring Breakers" star then ends her post by saying a sweet goodbye to her fans.

"Hope you guys love this mani as much as I dooo. For next week's Mani Monday I'll be featuring some of YOUR submissions! Leave a pic of your rhinestone nail art in the comments below and I'll post my favorites next Monday!! Xo V."

Visit Vanessa's Tumblr account to see the actress's actual post.