Have you been feeling like you are ready to change up your look a bit? Nothing says change like a new haircut! For women in their twenties sometimes it is difficult to cut your hair because you take the risk of either looking way older than you really are or lets face it juvenile.

We have grown fond of two haircuts that are suitable for women in their twenties that will not taint the fountain of youth. Celebrities Miley Cyrus and Mila Kunis have occupied our attention lately when it comes to great haircuts.

With a haircut that is short like Miley Cyrus' pixie cut there is nowhere to hide. This short haircut allows your personality to come through. With this cut the focus is on Miley's eyes and we can see her vibrant personality shooting through her soft blue eyes.

However, to keep a youthful look with this cut try to keep it longer on the top with soft edges along the back and around the ears.

The good thing about this haircut is that even though it is short, there is still a variety of looks you can pull off with it. Whether it is classy or a chic edge, it is 100 percent possible to be glamorous with this haircut.

Another haircut you can rock is the long and layer-free look that actress Mila Kunis so effortlessly perfects. This is a versatile cut for almost any face according to Allure.com.

According to Allure, if you have got wide cheeks and soft, nonangular features, hair that hits below the shoulders can lengthen the shape of the face and camouflage roundness.

One thing we should warn you about with this haircut is that it not s style for any texture of hair.

Women with very thick or curly hair i.e. those who are not a fan of the flatiron should try a style with layers. Those with superfine hair may want to try another cut because they run the risk of this style falling flat and adding volumizer would become a part of their everyday routine.

Being in your 20's is the perfect time to experiment with things you know you will not be able to try after you reach a certain maturity, your hair should be no exception to this rule.

For more ideas for the best haircuts you can visit Allure.com and check out their haircut slide show.