'American Idol' Nicki Minaj's Outfit Too Hot for TV? Tells Mariah Carey to ‘Simmer Down Sir!’—PHOTOS, VIDEO

On Wednesday night "American Idol" judge Nicki MInaj wore a dress that became the talk of Twitter during the whole show. The star stepped onto the Idol stage with a short skin tight red dress that revealed much more than her body shape.

The dress the "American Idol" judge wore had a plunging neckline that showed a mass amount of cleavage. The singer also got into an argument with fellow judge Mariah Carey in which she told the Grammy award winning singer in a British Accent, "Ok, simmer down sir."

While the dress may have been appropriate at another event many are saying that Minaj's choice was in poor taste due to the young audience. For the most part Minaj's wadrobe has been quite conservative for the show compared to the looks we are used to seeing the star wear, which typically gets her in trouble with the fashion police.

"I have been doing a lot of dresses lately, and I feel more confident when I wear fans have really responded to it," Minaj said.

One Twitter user tweeted, "I know it's bad that I was watching idol, but you should google nicki minaj's outfit on tonights show, because she looked like an idiot."

The American Idol Judge received even more attention when she got into a disagreement with Mariah Carey over the performance of Kree Harrison.

"I disagree ... that was the best performance of the night," Minaj said to Carey who replied, "I wasn't saying she was awkward ... you don't really disagree with me."

Minai then corrected her fellow "American Idol" judge saying that she indeed disagreed with her. When she went to explain her reasoning Mariah continuously cut Nicki off. Fed up, the singer told Carey to simmer down.

"American Idol" judge Nicki Minaji always finds a way to make the show interesting however pushing the envelope with her red ensemble on Wednesday night may have not been her best idea.

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