Bangs seem to be the style that many celebrities are rocking from Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian and Lea Michele, when these celebrities decide to make a change they do it in the right way.

Lately country cutie Taylor Swift has been rocking the blunt bang look. The songstress's bangs go straight across her face and compliment its oval shape. If you are going for Taylor's look make sure you get a trim every two weeks to keep your look fresh.

Reality star Kim Kardashian has been sporting full bangs around Los Angeles, the fullness of the bangs along with the soft layering embellishes the pregnant star's cheekbones. To get Kim's look ask your stylist to cut closer to the crown of your head for bangs that are full and wide.

If you want to keep your bangs classic take a page out of the book of the beautiful Jessica Biel. Justin Timberlake's wife has perfectly even bangs, a look you can only get if your stylist cuts your fringe while you hair is still, dry that way when your hair is blown out later you can see exactly how the bangs fall.

Glee starlet Lea Michele keeps her look sexy and sultry with tapered bangs. By sweeping the rest of your hair away from your face you keep a fresh look.

This look also allows you to be lazy, by washing your bangs when you wash your face you keep your style fresh without having to wash all of your hair. To get Lea's look ask for bangs that are tapered at the ends.

Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair you are sure to find a look that works for you. If you are doubting your decision to get bangs check out to see other celebs that made the bold bangs decision.