Pucker up, it's spring!  A new, warmer season, calls for new warmer lips shades.  We've tapped celebrity makeup artist, Pascale Poma, to give us all the lip shade trend info we need for you to pick your spring lip color.  Read on to get all of Pascale's colorful lip tips and click through the gallery to learn about what beauty brands she loves for this look, and the celebs Pascal's highlighted as offering up the best lip service this spring.

What lip trends are we seeing this spring?
This spring there are three major trends in lips color.  We are seeing bright poppy reds, hot pinks and oranges/neons.

Can anyone of any skin tone wear any of these trends?

Yes, however I do suggest mixing it up and trying different shades to see what suits your complexion best. For example, if you want a red for this spring, try a warm orangey red, a pinky red, and a cooler bluish red to get the right tone that complements your skin best.

What's better to wear for spring?  Lipstick?  Lip gloss?  Lip balms?  Lip stains?
It all depends on your look, the time of day your wearing it/the occassion, and your needs of the day. You can wear a lipstick for more of a chic elegant presence, a lip balm if all you want is a healthy-looking lips with a hint of color. If you are after a more juicy effect, choose a tinted gloss or stain for a matte look, requiring less frequent reapplications. Work with a very tiny amount of product and apply with the tip of your finger if you want to soften the look a bit.

What spring colors best compliment which skin tones?

I would say that for fair skin, go for a bold fuchsia or red.  Beige or sun-kissed skin will look stunning with a warm, orangey lip color.  Brown skin will glow with a fresh cherry hue and deeper skin tones look fabulous with either a more classic black cherry tone, but can also go for fuchsia or orange lip shades too.

Which celebs are rocking the spring lip trends the best and why?

I have seen Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Houston, Rihanna, and Kate Blanchet all do the spring lip color trend beautifully. They all look gorgeous and chic.  Each look speaks to the popular shades we are seeing, and they each have found a great eye-catching shade that compliments their skin tone and the overall look of their makeup.

Any tips, tricks, or application techniques?

If you want to sport the flashy fun neon trend, make sure that your lips have been deeply moisturized and smoothed out with a lip conditioner before applying these colors, as they will emphasize the smallest irregularity. Try Korres in Guava Lip Butter. It not only moisturizes lips like no other, but the big bonus is that the formula doesn't contain any chemicals.

What lipsticks for spring do you recommend and why?

I absolutely love the Shiseido 'Perfect Rouge' Lipstick in 'Day Lily.'  Not only does this lipstick comes in 20 awesome shades, but it also double as a fantastic skin care. The packaging is beautiful too. I also recommend trying Top Shop's lipstick in shade 'Rio Rio.'  I love the gorgeous color and the price is cute too! And definitely try the Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in shade 'Plaza.'  This shade offers incredible pigment in one of the smoothest texture that lasts for hours. Luxury at his best.

Thanks Pascale!  Check out more of Pascale's work at https://www.pascalepoma.com and https://www.agencygerardmanagement.com