FOX Netowrk's X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell, recently revealed to press what it takes to keep him in tiptop shape.  Aside from a rigorous workout routine, however, what really has peaked the interest of the media is Simon's intricately detailed beauty regime.

The 53 year-old media king is definitely in shape.  When asked about rumors that he does 500 press-ups a day, he replied: "It's all true. I mean, not 500 push-ups, but several hundred."  In addition to an impressive 4-times a week workout, Cowell also admitted to Emily Maitlis of the Radio Times, to regular Botox and colonic irrigation treatments. He also receives vitamin injections administered by a registered nurse.  And in addition, Simon also enjoys lemon bath milk, priced at an affordable $16, to help soften and perfume his skin. 

Simon is a part of a growing metrosexual trend of men who want to ensure the look of youthful skin is prolonged as long as possible.  Dr. Schweiger of New York Cosmetic & General Dermatology says that women aren't the only ones getting Botox injections anymore.   Dr. Schweiger explains that, "Many of our male patients are coming in for Botox and fillers.  In the past few years, more men have been asking about cosmetic treatments, but lately they have been taking action.  No man wants to look older than they feel," he explained.

Aside from Botox, Simon's lemon bath milk treatment is quite popular in the beauty world as well.  Beauty World News recently reported on the skin benefits both milk and lemons have for the skin.  These natural emollients are great for helping to remove toxins from the body, exfoliate, and soften.  The fats and proteins in milk are great for skin, helping to soften and moisturize.  Lemon juice is said to help promote the toxin elimination process, as it helps to relieve the pain and tenderness, and as a natural astringent, lemons help to loosen tight dry skin. 

Impressive beauty regime Simon!