Talk about the VIP treatment!  How cool is it to be a world-renowned fashion designer when your favorite shade of lipstick threatens to be discontinued?  For legendary designer, Carolina Herrera, it must be pretty darn cool.

Known for the invention of the little black dress, also known as the LBD, Carolina Herrera apparently has her beauty must haves just like the rest of us.  Herrera made it known recently that her absolute favorite shade of lipstick is Bobbi Brown's Plum Stain sheer lip color.  A busy woman like Carolina needs multi-tasking beauty products and this lip shade was her go-to.  For Carolina it was a color that easily transitioned her from day to night.  Unfortunately for the designer, Bobbi Brown cosmetics discontinued the shade from its lip lineup. 

So like any woman in such a beauty dilemma, Herrera decided to stock up on the shade before it was gone from makeup shelves forever.  "When I heard about the news that it was going to be discontinued, I sent, I don't know how many people, all over the country to buy anything they had in any store," the designer told WWD. Rationing out her plum stain lipsticks worked for a while, but as time passed, Carolina's supply of her favorite shade began to dwindle.  As an international fashion icon, Herrera was then able to tap Bobbi Brown and request a few custom tubes of the shade, but this will no longer be necessary.

Surprisingly, Bobbi Brown cosmetics is now reintroducing its plum stain lip color, renaming the shade after its #1 fan:  Carolina.  "Bobbi and I are both in the beauty industry-we make women look and feel more beautiful," Herrera explained in an interview with InStyle magazine. "I hope [women] will love that it makes a subtle statement. The lipstick is like a white shirt-it can transition for any occasion."

There's definitely nothing like your favorite shade of lipstick.  And one named after you?  Who can beat that?

Have you ever had a product you loved brought back after it was discontinued?  What's your signature shade of lipstick?  Let us know in the comments section below.