Bootie Babe is the new beauty brand that will forever change the way you think of nail polish.  The brand is proudly launching its new nail polish collection with 48 sexy shades that come packaged in cute and collectible bootie shaped bottles! Click through the slideshow to view the variety of color and cute shade names.

Wanting to create a humorous, bold and completely unique beauty product, SuperBooty LLC President Mark O'Hara spent over three years researching and developing the Bootie Babe Nail Polish Collection.  Noticing that most cosmetics companies use similar and standardized bottle shapes, Mark wanted to design something special for his new line that would literally "stand out" from the competition.

The 2013 Bootie Babe Nail Polish Collection will be launched on May 1st, and the luscious line is sure to be a hit.  Consisting of 48 beautiful, bright and sassy colors, the crazy and cute collection has a color for everyone. Each gorgeous polish has a fun name to match! Take your pick from Wide Backside, Freaky Cheeky, Red Riding Rump, Bubble Butt, Lilac Got Back, Butt Out, Coolio Azulio, and many others. Check out the brand new metallic and nude colors like Bronzie Fonzie, Goldie Juan, Uncanny Fanny and Pearly Girly.

While you'll covet these new nail polishes for their packaging and chic shades, you'll fall in love with the formula too! All Bootie Babe nail polishes are Big 3 Free (don't contain any formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate) as well as Cruelty Free!

Check out the entire Bootie Babe Collection here at

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