Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! This week, we honor another legendary Hollywood beauty: Dorothy Jean Dandridge. Ms. Dandridge was an actress and singer, and the first African-American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Her work in the 1954 film, Carmen Jones, launched Dandridge's career to super status and sealed her name into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Dorothy Dandridge was a multi-talented star, better known as a 'triple threat' today; as she was not only a beautiful singer and actress, but also a brilliant dancer. Ms. Dandridge's life has captivated Hollywood for decades, with today's stars all coveting the honor of playing this beautiful starlet in film remakes of her movies and biographical features of her life for the silver screen. Most notable, actress Halle Berry played Dandridge in the 1999 film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge where she embodies Dandridge's look with classic 1950's glamour and poise.

Dorothy Dandridge balanced her sultry sex appeal with grace and elegance. Like her good friend, Marilyn Monroe of the same Hollywood era, Dandridge enjoyed the popular beauty trends of the day. She liked to wear full but groomed eyebrows, with a defined arch. She wore bold, orangey-red lipsticks with neutral shadow and black liquid eyeliner. Dandridge's hair was always in soft, voluminous curls. And like her friend Marilyn, Dorothy liked to draw in small beauty marks on her face occasionally. 

Dewy skin, defined brows, rosy cheeks, and a colorful lip are the key to getting Dorothy Dandridge's beautiful makeup. Anyone of any shade can channel this style of Hollywood glamour. Celebrity makeup artist, Viktorija Bowers knows this classic look well.  "Just like her alter ego Carmen Jones, this Hollywood beauty's femme fatale look seduces you with a halo of dark curls and mysterious eyes," said Bowers.  "To achieve this look, emphasis falls on thick, perfectly groomed brows with a high arch, which can achieved by darker eyebrow powder," Viktorija explained.  "For extra drama, add a few falsies on your lash line, apply extra coats of mascara, and top your lips with sexy orange red lipgloss."

Dorothy Dandridge's seductive performance in Carmen Jones is still captivating audiences today. Check out the cool makeup tutorial video we found below that shows how to recreate one of the many memorable looks Ms. Dandridge offered up during her reign as a goddess of the silver screen.