This week, we resume our Top 10 Beauty Classics You Must Own List.   Each week we highlight a product on the list, giving you all the details on the history, how it came to be, why it's great, and why women and celebs alike swear by it.  These are products everyone has tried and everyone still loves, years after they have launched.  As self-professed product junkies, we understand the need to try something new and different will never fade away, but there are just some products that should and will always be a mainstay in every woman's makeup bag.  At #9, we had the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  The countdown rolls on!

Our #8 Beauty Classic:  NARS Cosmetics Blush in 'Orgasm'

The Nars Orgasm Blush is a swirl of fine-milled cheek color that delivers "the most natural-looking flush."  It is deigned as an illuminator to transform lackluster skin into a luscious complexion.  NARS Orgasm can be worn alone or layered together with other products, such as bronzer, for more depth.  The super sexy pink flush gives the effect of a radiant afterglow.  Available as a traditional blush, as a lipstick, lipgloss, and a multiple stick, the NARS Orgasm shade of blush is one of those classic beauty must haves that is beloved by all women, as it looks great on any skin tone.  The versatility of NARS Orgasm to work on any and every woman makes this a must have for your makeup bag.