In the past month, Revlon has begun to introduce a new line of limited edition nail polishes.  Revlon Chrome Chameleon nail polish is a color shifting formula, promising to deliver multiple hues all in one bottle, right to your fingertips.

Available in 8 rich jewel tones, Revlon's Chrome Chameleon Nail Polish is available in Pink Quartz, Rose Gold, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cobalt, Tanzanite, Topaz and Gold. The bottle of .29 fl. ounces of captivating color is the latest collection to get in on the trend of color shifting nail color.  Part metallic, part jewel tone, part ombre, the color chrome nail trend has remained popular for the last year or so.  These rich shades create almost a mood ring effect on nails, most visible in daylight.   

Nail Magazine has reported on this popular finish, citing it as one of Hollywood's latest mani trends.  These metallic polishes are also known as called "duochromes." They have been seen on the nails of seen on Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, and other stars throughout Tinsletown.  These shades may look wild in the bottle, but on nails they're more subdued than the usual glittery metallics.  

Revlon Chrome Chameleon Nail Polish is available nationwide at your local drug and retailer stores.  Will you be trying out this limited nail collection from Revlon?  Let us know in the comments section below.