Our friend and celebrity makeup artist, Tasha Reiko, got us the Ebony Magazine cover exclusive of soul songstress, Jill Scott.  The gorgeous beauty graces the magazine's upcoming May issue, and we're loving her makeup look.  Tasha Reiko has created eye-popping editorial beauty for Vanity Fair, Elle and Flaunt.  She has worked runway magic for top designers and has been the creative genius behind the famous faces seen at Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, and countless red carpet events.  Some of Tasha's clients include Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Stone, Florence Welch, and, Jordin Sparks.  We caught up with Tasha who just wrapped a seven country, seven-city tour with Grammy winner Jill Scott.  Read on to learn how to get Tasha's tips on natural-looking makeup techniques, Jill's favorite beauty products, and what makeup line Tasha recommends for women of color.

Jill Scott is such a beauty.  What features did you want to immediately highlight and play up for the Ebony cover?

For an expressive beauty like Jill, I always like to play up her eyes and just lightly acknowledge her lip.  I went a bit heavier on the eyes, but also gave her lips a pop of color and beautiful sheen.  I choose a light color palette for this Spring cover to reflect the mood of the season.

For a covershoot, what comes first?  The makeup?  The wardrobe and accessories?  The hair?  How does the look come together?
Any memorable 'look' always has to be a perfect harmony of makeup, wardrobe and hair.  It all has to flow together.   If the wardrobe or hair is too 'big,' the makeup has to keep up so as not to wash out the face.  Sometimes it's also about knowing when to let one department shine and to scale it back a bit, so everything isn't too severe.  I like to imagine the final image in my mind before I start.  I'll peek at wardrobe just to get a feel for what direction they are leaning towards, chat with hair about what they are inspired to do, an finally, peek at the set and shot list.  Environment also plays a huge deal in leading the artists toward a direction.  

Wow, that's a lot to consider.  So how did you create such a seamless, natural-looking base?

This is where genetics and skincare gets all the credit and takes you to this magical place of perfect skin, so with Jill it's like I'm cheating.  I tend to have a lighter hand with foundation anyhow, and for this shoot, I skipped it altogether in favor of just foundation where needed.
Lucky Jill!  Her brows are so full and shaped perfectly.  How can we achieve the same look?

Resist the urge during both bouts of boredom and when trying out trends, to over tweeze.  Brush brows into place to see where extra color is needed.  I prefer brow powders, especially for close-up cover shoots because some pencils tend to leave a waxy sheen behind the brow.  With an angled brow brush, fill in spare areas with light, upward strokes that mimic hair.

Great tip.  Does Jill have any favorite beauty products?  What blush did you use for her warm cheeks?

Smashbox Radiance won out as the blush used for this cover.  Jill's face loves color!  It's the perfect palette to make any color pop.  There really aren't limits with color on this face!

How long does would it take us to get Jill's look?  What steps would we need to follow and what products would we need?

Jill's look for spring is intentionally soft and easy to do. With the right products, you should be out the door and cover ready in 10 quick minutes.  They key is cheeks and lips that pop, but in soft colors.  Think pinks, peaches and corals. Eyes are rimmed with a golden bronze shadow and then lined all around with a brown eyeliner for depth and definition. Gloss is the final step to give lips a wet sheen.

Just 10 minutes?  We love it even more!  So what are some of your favorite beauty products to use on women of color?
I adore Queen Latifahs 'Queen' Collection for Covergirl.  It's priced for the masses and makes it easier to experiment without blowing your beauty budget.  The pigments are fantastic.  Smashbox is another favorite of mine because they are always so on trend.  Their eyeshadow trios take the guess work out of eyeshadow coordination for makeup novices because they all compliment each other so well.  The lipsticks at Smashbox have such a yummy texture and a great selection of nudes for women of color.  And Fashion Fair has come along way, it's not your mother brand anymore.  Celebrity makeup artist, Sam Fine, has made a wonderful collection for them that's very modern and luxe.

Any unique tips, tricks, or application secrets for Jill's look?

It's a spring based look so keep application and colors soft.  For a quick super sheer spring flush, use your lipstick as a cream blush.  Apply with your ring finger (it has the least amount of pressure) on the apples of your cheeks and blend back along your cheekbone.

Thanks Tasha!  Follow Tasha on Twitter at @TashaReikoBrown and find more of Tasha's work here at https://aimartist.com/