To get in on the Throwback photos everyone posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook each Thursday, we thought we would participate and throwback to a classic beauty each week. Our first gorgeous throwback is the legendary, Elizabeth Taylor.

A name with no introduction needed, the late, great Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of Hollywood glamour and beauty.  Her looks glued eyes to the screens of her blockbuster films, and made her love life the talk of Tinsletown and beyond.  Ms. Taylor was a sultry, curvaceous brunette with dark flowing hair, striking blue eyes, and a porcelain complexion.  Her Hollywood swag embodied class, sophistication and style.   Some of her signature makeup looks included her jet-black curls, a lip-pencil-lined red pout, dramatic eyebrows, and always an impeccably drawn cat eye, all of which will forever be synonymous with Elizabeth Taylor.  With the proper makeup techniques, however, you too can easily recreate an Elizabeth Taylor inspired makeup look.

Celebrity makeup artist, Victor Amos, gave us a few great tips on how to get one of Taylor's classic features. "Elizabeth Taylor's beauty lied not only in her looks, but primarily in her confidence," said Victor.  "When I think of Elizabeth, I immediately call to mind her iconic, strong brows.  Strong brows are on trend for Spring 2013.  We saw strong brows on the runway shows for Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Zac Posen."   With strong brows on trend for this season, follow Victor's expert steps on how to get this classic look.