O...M...G.  Are you among the 40,000 on Instagram following one of the coolest nail art salons in New York City yet?  Well what are you waiting for?  Nail art junkies, you are missing out!  Whether you're in the local area or just need your daily fix of beautiful nail art inspiration, follow NAILSON7.  With 16 years of experience, celebrity manicurist, Jenny Chev, is quickly gaining an even larger following for her amazing visuals and creative nail designs.  Click through the slideshow to check out a few of Jenny's many manicures.

"Nice nails ain't cheap, and cheap nails ain't nice!"  The sassy owner of this salon posts the final looks of her nail artwork daily, with each set of perfectly manicured hands uniquely different.  As the nail art craze continues to grow, many women want a look that takes a popular trend and turns it into a one-of-a-kind statement piece.  Jenny's work spans the gamut, with visuals showcasing gel manicures, tribal art, abstract designs, holiday themes, color blocking, chains, lace, flowers, bowties, glitter, rhinestones, and other 3D nail art accessories.

Nail technician Corey Strickland highlights what's popular in the world of nails these days.  "Right now it seems that everything is about tribal prints, the 3D is in, bow-ties are in, the crowns, the 'Keep Calms,' he explained.  "The styles have come a long way.  People are doing portraits on nails, color swirls, water marbles, flowers.  If you can open the mind of the customer, you can put anything on their nails.  It's constantly growing."  

Clients of note at Nails at 7 include hip-hop industry mogul, Yandy Smith, who can also be seen in a few of Jenny's Instagram posts ever so often.  Visit Nails on 7 in Harlem on 2449 7th Avenue between 142nd &143rd Street.