Britney's Spears' little sister Jamie is the latest star to make the big chop.  Sharing a photo of her new bob via Instagram, Jamie followed the image up with cute caption hashtag "short hair don't care."  Jamie chronicled the anticipation leading up to the cut, posting a pic of her hair stylist's combs, scissors and other tools:  "bnewell2211 about to cut my hair #ahhhhhhh #newhurrdo," she tweeted to fans.  Shortly after her haircut, Jamie was still in shock with her dramatic new change, tweeting "Still can't believe we did this!"

Newly engaged to fiancée Jamie Watson, Jamie is now sporting a new ring an all-new do.  On March 2, Jamie took to Twitter and Instagram to announce her engagement to Jamie Watson, her boyfriend of three years.  The former child star tweeted "Guesssss what?????? " alongside a picture of her and fiancé embracing as she flashed her ring. A few minutes later she posted a close-up of her huge diamond ring with the caption: "He did good" with a smiley-face.

Could this new hairstyle be for Jamie's wedding?  Only time will tell. Jamie's short blonde bob joins the ranks of other short-haired celebs, like Miley Cyrus, Julianne Hough, Naomi Watts and January Jones, who have all shortened their hair for a new beauty statement.  What do you think of her new cut?  Love it or Leave it?