No more dents!  Don't you just hate when you wear your hair in a ponytail, you take it out, and voila, you have a nice lovely dent from your hair elastic?  So do we.  Well fear not, a fabulous new hair accessory takes the dent out of ponytails for good.  Meet Maddyloo Hair Ties!  Click through the slideshow to see our favorite styles and read on to learn more about this clever little accessory.

Maddyloo now brings to you the cutest solution for pulling your hair back.  Maddyloo Hair Ties have enough elastic to keep a ponytail in place, but they're wide enough not to leave a dent. From camouflage and metallic, to rhinestone and tie-dye, Maddyloo Hair Ties have found a way to marry function to whimsical eye (or wrist) candy.  You can also custom create any combination of fabric and rhinestone bead imaginable!

The Maddyloo brand of hair, fashion accessories, and jewelry is one of the country's fastest growing brands.  Established in January 2011, the company jet launched from 0 to 60 stores in less than 3 months, and is now in more than 200 retail locations throughout the US, including Hawaii, and Canada.  The brand and its stylishly comfy hair ties, bracelets, headbands, clip-in feathers, gemstone bracelets and more are the brainchild of its co-founders Honeya and Jon who work round the clock to manufacture their trendy, must-have, hair and fashion accessories and new jewelry line in West Hollywood, CA.