The beautiful Allison Williams, breakout star of HBO's new hit series, "Girls," is not immune to the cringe-worthy beauty blunders we've all had.  In recent interviews with T Magazine and the New York Times, Allison opens up about her high school days, the makeup mistakes she made early on, and the beauty tips she uses now as an up-and-coming starlet. 

Who hasn't made a major beauty mistake?  Everyone has had them and so has Allison, as she candidly shared with T Magazine.  "At some point in high school, I realized people used eyebrow pencils, but I thought eyeliner could do same thing," Williams said.  "I used black eyeliner to do my brows. It looked awful. It didn't look that different from when they did Hannah's on the show."  The hilarious visual now comes to mind.  No harm done girl!

Allison also recently shared her beauty tips and what she uses for inspiration with the New York Times blog.  A self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Williams has always loved to wear makeup and even documents her favorite beauty tips and tricks.  "I've put on makeup just for fun since I was a really little girl," the actress explains.  "Now I keep a look book for inspiration - with hair, makeup, beauty tips and products to try.  I have been collecting, just tearing things out of magazines for years and years and years. I always hoped I would be in a place I would learn how to do stuff like this by myself, or would be able to work with people who could do it."  The actress goes on to cite her eyes as her favorite feature to highlight with makeup, and shares her favorite beauty products.  "I love Essie nail polish, Bliss body butter vanilla. I wear Armani foundation, which is an investment; but when you need it to work, it works. I wear Laura Mercier and Tarte mascara - it comes in a purple, faux snakeskin case."  Williams is now also the face and spokeswoman for Simple Skincare.

Despite her great red carpet looks, her love of all things beauty, and the constant comparisons to Brooke Shields, Allison isn't afraid to keep things natural.  Williams also admits to the New York Times that she doesn't wear makeup everyday.  "I try not to. I relish the days I don't have to. It's important for my skin to get a break. I have really sensitive skin, and makeup is reapplied all day when we are filming," she said.

As we were already anticipating Allison's next hit look, we're now even more excited to see what she plans to wear to the Met Ball.  "I'm getting ready for the Met Ball," she told the New York Times. "The theme is punk, so I've been doing a lot of research. I've been looking through Sex Pistols photography, pictures of Vivienne Westwood. I'm really excited to commit to that theme." 

We can't wait to see it!