Instagram has become THE place to debut your latest manicure.  It's now easier than ever to see what the newest nail trends are and check out all the amazing nail art that just keeps getter more and more innovative.  Check out some of the celebrity manis we are loving and read on about what nail trends we can expect to continue to see throughout spring.

Matte/Shiny - A fresh take on the traditional French manicure, created by layering a slightly darker matte shade on top of a glossy one. Subtle but statement-making.

Glitter - An easy DIY trend, but be sure to add a topcoat so your sparkle flecks don't snag on everything.

3-D Art - Beaded nails, bow ties, flowers, the list goes on!  This trend takes nails to new 3-dimensional heights.

Monochromatic - Experiment with a thin stripe across nails for a cool modern effect.

Pastels - Perfect for the new season, lighten things up with a pretty pastel hue of butter yellow, pale pink, or Tiffany blue.

Stripes - Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, create visual illusions and dimension with unexpected color combinations.

Dripping Nail Polish - Simply dip a fine-tip brush into polish and allow to splash down onto the nail for an edgy, neatly messy effect.