Nice Stems: Proskins SLIM Help Legs Get Ready for Spring

In just a matter of a few weeks, we will all be shedding the chunky winter clothes and donning our new spring wear.  To help get legs in shape for pretty dresses and cute skirts, a unique beauty innovation is now available to women just in time for the new season.  What looks like a regular pair of leggings at first glance, is in fact much more. 

Made from a patented micro encapsulated yarn, Proskins SLIM are made of groundbreaking compression fabric that time release beauty ingredients into skin as you wear them to help tackle cellulite, reduce fluid retention, improve lymphatic drainage and moisturize your skin.  How cool is that?  Infused with caffeine, ceramides, retinol, aloe vera, fatty acids and vitamin E, Proskins SLIM are designed to improve the overall appearance of legs by tackling the three major causes of cellulite - blood circulation, fluid retention and lymphatic drainage.

Each Proskins SLIM ingredient has it's own unique benefit.  Caffeine helps to promote the destruction of fat, retinol helps stimulate collagen for a more youthful appearance, vitamin E supports anti-aging, and aloe vera helps skin to feel smoother and softer.  The compression fabric improves the circulation of blood to reduce cellulite and ultimately create a more even skintone.

Proskins SLIM can help boost the results of regular exercise when worn under clothes.  They also keep your body warm.  The special wicking in the fabric retains warmth to prevent you from sweating while wearing them. Proskins SLIM contains silver, an anti-bacterial, so no need to wash after each wear.  Less laundry?  We love it.  Each beauty-infused ingredient is guaranteed to remain in the garmet for at least 100 washes. 

Proskins SLIM are available in Ladies Full Length Leggings, Ladies Capri Leggings, Ladies Knee Length Cycle Shorts, Ladies Short Length Shorts and Ladies ¾ Length Sleeve Top with prices ranging from $80 to $120 in sizes 6-14 online at

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