The Best Eye Makeup on Instagram - Meet Mia Michelle

If you haven't seen Mia Michelle's beautiful fantasy eye makeup looks on IG yet, follow her!  We got tired of gawking at all the amazing images, so we tracked the 22 year-old Louisiana native down to pick her brain and get all her beauty secrets!  Click through to see some of her favorite makeup looks and must have beauty products in the slideshow and follow Mia on Instagram @MAKEUPBYMIA

How did you discover makeup?
I discovered makeup when I was about 11.  I went into my mom's bathroom while she was at work. I snuck passed my grandmother, took the makeup into my room, and started layering a dark brown lipstick all over my lips. My grandmother caught me and took all of my mom's makeup away. I fell in love with makeup that day!

2) How do you perfect your eye makeup looks? Are you professionally trained?
I am in no way "professionally trained."  I decided that I would teach myself and started watching eyeshadow application videos on YouTube to try and replicate them. I would search online for different techniques, cool photos, and repeatedly try to replicate the looks I had seen.  Repetition is key when you are trying to perfect your makeup looks.  After a few months, I developed my own style and was able to pull inspiration from looks instead of copying them directly.

3) What are some tried and true makeup techniques you always stick to?
I always use tape when I want to create a sharp edge.  I also use concealer and a stiff flat brush. You can never go wrong with concealer.  It is like an eraser. Cat or winged eyeliner will also never get old to me.  I incorporate them into 99% of my looks.

4) Is there such a thing as too much color?
Never! I love color.  I actually own more "colors" than I do neutral shades.  I love adding pops of color into my everyday looks.

5) What inspires your makeup looks?
A lot of my inspiration comes from Instagram.  There are so many wonderful makeup artists on IG. I scroll around for hours and see amazing color combinations. It inspires me to go play in my makeup and put my own spin on it.

6) What is the best way to apply false eyelashes?
For me, the best way to apply false eyelashes is using a pair of tweezers.  I apply mascara before I apply my lashes. Then I apply the glue to the lash band and allow it to get tacky.  With tweezers, I take the lashes from the middle and line them up with the middle of my natural lashes.  I then take the ends of the lash band and make sure they are firmly glued to the small section of skin right above the lashes. I then use the tweezers to pinch the lashes to my natural lashes, so both sets blend together. I also pinch both lashes together using my fingers just to make sure that none of my natural lashes are sticking out.

7) What is the key to achieving the perfect smoky eye?
Use a large fluffy blending brush. The bigger the blending brush, the "smokier" the effect will be. I like to apply the smoky color first around my lid and then blend the color out.  I save the black eyeshadow on my lid for last and then slowly blend the edges of the black into the color that I first applied.

8) What eye palette shades are you loving for spring?
I am in love with matte pastels.  I love adding them to the center of the lid and center of the lower lash line for a subtle pop of color that looks great on every skin tone.