Kim Kardashian Cuts New Bangs

With an Instagram following of over 7 million, who hasn't heard about Kim K's new do this week?  The mommy-to-be bombshell posted a photo of her fresh new bangs for all her followers to see, followed up with the caption:  "I did it! Blunt bangs!!! Thanks @philipwolffhair."

Before making the chop, Kim debated over the decision, after hairdresser, Philip Wolff cited her pregnancy as the cause for her hairstyle uncertainty.  "Philip says you should never listen to a pregnant woman," said Kim as she joked.  In need of a change, Kim's new hair has been met with mixed reviews from fans, whose online votes have been about 50/50 on the love it/hate it barometer.

The leading Kardashian's new bangs come on the heels of a similar look she sported in December, only with bang clip-ins.  Presuming the hairstyle was permanent, the look sent  photographers into a frenzy.  Kim quickly took to her official website and in a message titled 'The Truth About The Bangs', she wrote: 'The bangs are fake! Just clip-ons!

Now having made the bold cut to her hair permanent, fans in favor of the look are already searching online for ways to rock it themselves by either making the cut, or going the clip-in bangs route.  With other stars like Beyonce, Kate Middleton, and Sophia Bush all having sported the look recently as well, bangs are definitely back, and at least for Kim, they're here to stay for a while.  We are looking forward to seeing beauty trend the Kardashian star sets next.

What do you think of Kim's new bangs?  Love it or leave it?  Sound off in the comments section below.

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