Is that you Amanda?  The former Nickelodeon star and retired actress took to Twitter this week and posted an all new look, leaving her practically unrecognizable!  Long curly blonde extensions tucked under a red skull cap were paired with dark brows, dramatic false eyelashes, pink lip liner, a face piercing, and long pointed nails.  In the photo, Bynes checks herself out in a M.A.C. Cosmetics compact, tweeting the caption "Wink" alongside the image.

While we love a dramatic beauty look, let's hope this is just for fun and not a reason to show additional concern for the troubled star.  Viewed as part MTV's Snooki and part rapper Lil' Kim, Amanda's makeover is far more edgier than the wholesome, girl-next-door image we have come to know.  And if you're wondering, yes, the piercing is real.  The 26 year-old got her dimple pierced back in January.  The star's slew of traffic violations and accidents, coupled with odd behavior over the past couple of years have left us all wondering if she can get things back on track. Having recently relocated to New York City where she plans to become a fashion designer, let's hope Byne's new project is a success and this photo isn't the calm before another media storm.      

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