Marc Jacobs’ Faux Jacket Found to Contain Raccoon Dog Fur

An investigation by the Humane Society has revealed that the "faux fur" jackets by designer Marc Jacobs sold at Century 21 department stores actually contain dog fur.

The jackets are said to have been made from the fur of Chinese raccoon dogs. This breed of dogs is a soft and cuddly looking creature that resemble a fox. The fur of these dogs is way cheaper than synthetic fur which might be the reason behind its use.

The Humane Society purchased jackets online from the label, Marc by Marc Jacobs and carried out tests on them. The undercover investigation also revealed that raccoon dogs are being skinned alive in China for fur.

"Anybody who doesn't want to buy animal fur should be very angry that a product that they're trying to avoid is being misrepresented as a product they may want to buy," Humane Society representative, Pierre Grzybowski, told New York Daily News.

The Humane Society is planning on revealing its findings during the National Consumer Protection Week to inform customers that fake fur might not always be fake and that there were animals facing the consequences.

While the label still hasn't commented on the raw materials of the jackets, patrons have been showing a mixed reaction to the allegations. Some of the fans are miffed that a label as popular as Marc by Marc Jacobs could be so cruel and some are willing to give the famous designer the benefit of the doubt.

"I think that's horrible, because I don't believe in wearing real fur," Kayla East, a tourist from Toronto told the daily. "I would really be upset if I purchased something that said it was fake, and it was real."

Fashion expert Philip Bloch too came to Jacobs' rescue. "He's a good guy; he's philanthropic, he cares," said Bloch. "It's upsetting to anyone to have that story come out. But Marc didn't go out and kill the raccoon dogs."

Jacobs has previously come under PETA's scanner for using real fur.

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